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Expert Southlake, TX Appliance Installation Services

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We specialize in installation of all home appliances including:

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Reliable Appliance Installations in Southlake, TX And Surrounding Areas

You’ve just received the delivery of your brand-new, state-of-the art AC window unit, or  dishwasher. But the units are just sitting somewhere in your home, waiting to be put to work.

While some home appliance installs are easy and straightforward, others require good experience and knowledge of electrical connection. So before you start connecting pipes or plugging in the appliances, stop for a moment and consider bringing a professional to handle the installation for you.

DIY installation is trickier than you might expect. If you do something wrong, it may have a long-term negative impact on your appliance’s performance or result in instant damage. Unfortunately, incorrect installation might void the warranty terms on the product, leading to expensive repairs whether immediately or in the long run.

You can avoid these mistakes by getting a professional to handle your appliance installs in Southlake, TX. Calling C&J Appliance Installations is a smart and easy way to ensure that your new home appliances perform their best and last longer.

Whether you just moved into a new home to be set up with new appliances, considering updating your existing kitchen products, at C&J Installations, we know how important these appliances are to your comfort and the optimal functionality of your home.

We also know that this can be one of the most intimidating and daunting tasks as a lot of these electrical units have specialty requirements that can cause severe damages if not installed correctly. 

That’s why many homeowners in Southlake, TX and the surrounding areas turn to C&J Installations.

Over the years, we’ve built a good reputation for providing friendly, reliable and affordable home appliance installation. We go above and beyond to ensure that customers’ needs are not only met, but also exceeded.

Our trusted installers are verified and certified experts who ensure your installation work is compliant with local and state codes. We’re able to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the installation process.


Importance of Professional Installation Services

Over the last decade, there has been an incredible technological transformation, leading to manufacture of more sophisticated, high-tech home appliances. Today, we have curved TVs, automated dishwashers, double door fridges, and more.

While many of these appliances appear simpler compared to the old techs of the 80’s and 90’s, installing them can be problematic. If you choose to handle the installation yourself, it means you’ll have to spend time reading the manual when you could invest the time doing something more meaningful.

Although many homeowners obsess with the costs of hiring a professional installer, it’s the right thing to do. The installation of your application is just as important as their purchase. A professional home appliance installer helps ensure that your units are properly installed to last you longer.

Our Services 

No one knows Southlake like we do. We’ve helped many homeowners install a wide variety of small and large home appliances over the years, including:

Microwave installation

Appliance Installation

At C&J Installations, we help homeowners like you save time and avoid the frustration associated with trying to install your microwave yourself. Our experienced installer ensures that your microwave is neatly and reliably installed, and completed at the shortest time possible.

Our microwave installation includes the following steps:

  • Inspect your product for damage or defect before installation
  • Connect your microwave to existing, code-approved utility
  • Test your product  
  • Provide easy-to-understand guidance and instruction on basic operation

Dishwasher installation Service

Trying to figure out the dishwasher install yourself can take much of your time and without any guarantee of getting it right. You can save time and avoid the stress of trying to install your dryer yourself by hiring a professional. 

Our experienced technicians have the requisite expertise to ensure that your dryer installation in Southlake goes smoothly. We’ll help you clear a path in your laundry room and ensure it is wide enough to accommodate your dryer. You should let us know if you need our professionals to remove an existing dryer – we can help haul away if required. 

Oven installation Service

Whether you just got a new gas or electric oven after a kitchen update, calling a professional to install your new unit helps ensure that your oven and hood are connected safely and correctly. 

If you have little children living with you, you should consider installing safety devices like stove locking straps, stove knob stops and stove safety guards. Our expert installer will connect the oven to the existing electrical or gas systems and test it to ensure proper operation.

Cooktop installation Service

As simple as it appears, installing a new set of cooktops can be a little daunting. If anything, you’re dealing with ether gas or electricity while handling an expensive kitchen appliance at the same time. At C&J Installations, we have experience with a wide variety of products and we’ll make sure that your new cooktop is properly installed and in order from start to finish.

AC window Unit Installation Service

Nothing can be more comforting than the feeling you have knowing that you can completely rely on your AC to provide the needed cool in hot summer days. While it can be tempting to want to attempt an AC installation yourself, the outcome can be devastating if you don’t have the proper knowledge and training. 

A slight mistake can result in significant fault which may render your guarantee invalid. Using a professional Southlake, TX AC unit installation service allows you to securely and safely install your AC in your window without tampering with any sensitive part or getting yourself injured.

Ceiling Fan installation Service

Regardless of the product of the ceiling fan you’re looking to install, we’re available to provide a quick, safe and affordable service. Our technicians have handled several makers ranging from Minka-Aire Fans and Craftmade Fans to Kicher Fans, Matthews Fans and Casablanca Fans.

Vent hood installation

If you are a café, restaurant or other food service facility owner, manager or chef running a commercial kitchen in Southlake, TX, then you already understand the importance of having a properly installed vent hood. At C&J Installations, we provide reliable commercial hood installation services for any size of professional kitchen in South, TX and the surrounding areas. Our company is certified and strictly follows their relevant guides for quality assurance. 

Hassle-Free Appliance Install Scheduling

At C&J Installations, we work round the clock to ensure that our customers have the quickest access to quality and affordable installation services. From our friendly and respectful office staff to our highly skilled and experienced appliance installers, we’re best positioned to provide a service that will give you peace of mind. We try to respond to all our customers’ requests. You can call us anytime, and our technician will be right in your home to complete your home appliance installation as fast as possible.

Why Choose Builders Choice Installations for Appliance Installation

Homeowners in Southlake, TX have many choices when it comes to professional appliance installation services, but they choose C&J Installations because of our dependable and affordable services that guarantee exceptional customer experience. When you choose us, you enjoy:

Proven appliance expertise: We have competent hands to install the most complicated appliance components including washing machine plumbing and ice makers. We ensure that all gas, plumbing, and electrical systems work correctly so you can feel safe, secure and confident in your home.

Certified electricians: The last thing you want to do is hire an amateur technician to handle your newly purchased appliance. At C&J Appliance Installations, all our installers are certified and licensed to work with different kinds of appliances.

Safety first: Installations require 100% compliance with certain standards. Noncompliance with the appropriate codes can put your family and home in great danger. Our trained technicians will ensure that all your appliances are safely installed according to the highest standards and codes.

Excellent customer service: We know that as homeowners, you may have questions or concerns about your new appliance. Our technician will listen to all your questions and provide the needed support and guidance.

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If you need expert assistance installing your appliance in Southlake, don’t hesitate to contact us at C&J Installations. We will apply our extensive industry knowledge and experience to help you with your installation needs. We accommodate any size of job from homeowners. Get in touch today with any questions about scheduling or cost of your installation today.