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Fairway Bend

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There’s a little-known location in a part of Fort Worth that has some of the city’s oldest history. Fairway Bend has been around for over a century and has seen its share of adjustments and development. This lovely spot is well worth seeing if you want to learn more about Fort Worth’s history!

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For families with children, it is critical to be near a variety of parks, playgrounds, daycare facilities, and highly rated preschools. Arcadia Park, Buffalo Ridge Park, and Capp Smith Park are among the city’s several parks and playgrounds.

These playgrounds not only offer kids fun activities, but they also give adults much-needed exercise. Families may picnic in the shade during the summer or go for a weekend walk with the kids along the route.

It’s possible that a type of services and amenities accessible might make or break a neighborhood’s desirability. A high walkability rating indicates there are numerous locations close by, such as shops, cafés, restaurants, schools, and more.

While the ratings aren’t flawless, they do offer a good indication of “places to visit” in those regions. Proximity to supermarkets, restaurants, and parks are all elements that influence our day-to-day lives.

Residents of Fairway Bend, Fort Worth may also dine at a variety of restaurants in the area. You may get your morning cup of coffee from World Blend, IHOP, or Starbucks before sitting down for a leisurely weekend brunch at Boopa’s Bagel Deli.

Dessert shops like BURGER FI, Braum’s, and Shipley Do-Nuts in Fairway Bend offer great alternatives for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Baja Grill, Posadas Cafe – Fort Worth, and Rosa’s Cafe are all popular spots to get tacos in the North Texas area. Genghis Grill, BoomerJack’s Grill and Bar – North Fort Worth, or Fred’s Texas Cafe are some excellent choices for a fun dine-in experience.

The number of houses sold in the past is a good indication of how nice the area is. A high proportion of properties sold in the last 5 years, for example, might signal that it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood with inhabitants eager to settle there.

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