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Amon Carter Museum of American Art

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The Amon Carter Museum of American Art near Fort Worth explores the breadth and depth of American inspiration. We provide visitors with new ways to encounter and appreciate American art through our collection by staging a variety of shows, creating interesting activities, conducting cutting-edge research, and more.

The best examples of American artistic creativity are collected by some of the greatest names in art history at the Museum, which comprises works dating from the eighteenth century to the present day.

Our galleries have something for everyone, from paintings and sculptures to photographs and artwork on paper. And what’s on display is always changing, so you’ll discover something new every time you visit.

The Amon G. Carter Museum of American Art was founded to house Mr. Carter’s paintings and other media collections, including those of Charles M. Russell and  Frederic Remington, as well as his own collection.

The Carter Museum was established in 1961 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of artistic creation, the improvement of a flourishing cultural environment, and the promotion of American art. Last year, we accomplished this: from 20,000 students who came to see our galleries to Carter paintings that went all around the world.

During the following decades, the Amon Carter Collection grew to include a wide range of American art, with more than 200,000 works now on display. Beyond its collection, the museum also maintains a research library containing over 140,000 books and articles related to US art and history.

The Amon Carter Museum is one of the most significant museums in the United States dedicated to American art, and it has been a major fixture in Fort Worth for more than 50 years. Its gallery walls abound with national treasures representing some of the finest creative work by many of this country’s artists.

At the museum, there are approximately 400 pieces of art on display, ranging from huge paintings to delicate works on paper, rare books, dynamic sculptures, and photographs dating from 1840 to the present day.

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, Texas, has a vast collection of paintings, photographs, and other works on paper by famous artists working in the United States and North America’s North American territories throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Amon Carter Museum has a vast collection of records from notable people like  Laura Gilpin,  Nell Dorr, Eliot Porter, and Karl Struss. Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell were two of the most famous Western painters, and their paintings are on display at the museum.

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